"Excessive masturbation in men can lead to easy erection and premature ejaculation. How can this condition be treated?" If treated with medication, there may be some side effects as all drugs have some level of toxicity. Surgery is time-consuming and expensive, and there may be a series of post-operative complications that require repair. There is a type of coffee called 'wildstud coffee' that can help alleviate these problems. It is rich in maca root, a pure natural product, which can help solve male penis-related issues.

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Then why not choose wildstud coffee? The authoritative Dr. Anthony J. Casale, a board-certified urologist and a professor of urology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is known for his expertise in pediatric urology and has contributed to many scientific publications and textbook, recommends using a mild treatment method to treat this condition, which is to drink coffee. 


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