WildStud coffee is widely acknowledged for its ability to improve men sexual satisfaction and offer longer-lasting, harder erections. The taste of WildStud coffee may not ideal but there are many drinking methods to try. Additional, WildStud coffee remains a perfect prior position to enhance MEN sexual experience.

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Easy Iced Coffee. The wildstud coffee powder with herbs ingredients can easily dissolves so you don't need to waste anytime to brew. No special tools needed, and it's only take couple minutes. Nothing beat a hot summer than take a cup of iced wildstud coffee and have an effortless penetration, room-shaking, big sweating red hot monkey sex.

Let's jump into it


  • Wildstud coffee *1 sachet
  • room temperature or hot water *200ml
  • Ice - a bunch of ice to make your iced coffee dreams come true
  • Sweetener (optional) - Wildstud coffee powder contains sugar already but feel free to add extra to your prefer level, also maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar are  welcome
  • Milk + cream- again, use what you like. Personally I do appreciate a little to go with my coffee, but cream is also sounds good.


1. Add one sachet of wildstud coffee into your glass. 

2, Add 30 ml of hot water and stir.

3, Add a splash of code water. This cools everything down and helps ensure all the ice doesn't melt immediately.

4, Add the ice. 

5, Finish with milk and cream. Stir and enjoy!

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You can use more cold water and less milk if prefer less milky coffee, adjust the drink to your own taste.