While some positions may work better for some couples than others, there are a few typical positions that are worth exploring. (part one)
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1.Missionary: In the missionary position, the woman lies on her back while the man lies on top of her, confronting her. This position allows for extensive penetration and close eye contact, which can increase intimacy and emotional connection between partners. To increase pleasure, couples can experiment with the angle of penetration and the velocity and intensity of thrusting. Maca coffee offer men more fast and harder in this sex position.
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2. Doggy Style: In the doggy style position, the woman gets on all fours while the man enters her from behind. This position enables for deep penetration and can be especially pleasurable for women as it enables for stimulation of the G-spot. To increase intimacy, couples can incorporate kissing, touching, and communication during this position. Maca coffee can improve male satisfaction in this sex position.
maca coffee doggy style
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